William Cooper

Founder and Chief Executive, informitv


The UEX imperative: making yourself the 'go-to' service

The premium video entertainment universe is growing, and platform and channel owners must be at the centre of it. We investigate the UEX-based opportunities to become the ‘go-to guy’: the super-aggregator in a world of multiple apps, and the discovery agent of choice when people are using AI-based voice assistants. You will hear how dramatically enriched metadata could revolutionise content discovery.

Wednesday 21 March 2018
11:30 – 13:00



How to increase viewer engagement, harnessing the AI-inspired metadata revolution

  • The use of face, speech and object recognition to generate new and rich metadata cost-effectively
  • Searching for favourite stars and topics, and the automatic and real-time creation of snackable video clips based on viewer interest
  • Using ‘Deep Content Understanding’ to connect different content within programme
  • The auto-creation of Episodic Images that best reflect a VOD asset or TV programme

Roland Sars, CEO, Media Distillery


Roland Sars

CEO, Media Distillery


Delivering the best all-round customer experience across the broadest video offering

  • The increasing reliance on broadband, Wi-Fi, apps integrations, BYOD devices and mobile networks to deliver great TV experiences
  • Using a Customer Experience (CX) engine to improve our standing with customers across multiple service and technical touchpoints
  • How a focus on CX helps to improve the video UX (User Experience) across every screen and network
  • Our work to become the go-to location for viewers seeking time-shifted and binge-worthy content on TV sets, including via third-party apps
  • The market opportunity for service providers who guarantee the best all-around experience across the broadest video offer found in one place.

Thomas Helbo, CTO, Com Hem


Thomas Helbo

CTO, Com Hem


Undiscovered: User Experience for the Next Generation

  • Moving from a world where ‘Content is King’ to one where ‘Consumer Experience is King’
  • Outlining the emerging UX challenges (and solutions!) that lie ahead for TV operators looking to differentiate in an increasingly crowded market place
  • Why personalising the user experience for every viewer is more important than ever – and how to go about achieving this, in real-time
  • How to bolster the bottom line by removing the engineering overhead typically associated with multi-device UI changes

Jason Bradwell, Director of Product Marketing and Communications, Massive Interactive


Jason Bradwell

Director of Product Marketing and Communications, Massive Interactive


Ensuring YouView is the entertainment ‘discovery platform’ of choice

  • The opportunity to aggregate an expanding content universe in one place, from linear to on-demand Players and subscription Apps
  • Voice commands and conversational discovery as the new UEX frontier: What happens when you offer ‘Hands-free TV’
  • Experiences working with the Alexa Video Skill API, including the use of broadcaster metadata to power contextual voice search
  • How our cloud platform enables the fast, ongoing backoffice and client-side innovations needed to maintain UEX leadership
  • In homes shared with Amazon, Google and Apple, can TV operators remain the entertainment ‘discovery platform’ of choice?

Sion Wynn Jones, Product Director, YouView


Sion Wynn Jones

Product Director, YouView


Panel: Making sure you are the ‘go-to’ service in a growing entertainment universe

  • Is there a race to become the ‘super-aggregator’ of video apps, online or on the STB, and what will decide the winners?
  • Machine learning can automatically generate rich new metadata: how will it improve content discovery in ways consumers notice?
  • How will ‘Hands-free TV’ change user behaviour, and where can you differentiate a voice control and conversational search experience?
  • In a world of voice-assisted AI ecosystems, each filled with video service ‘skills’, how do you become the go-to TV discovery agent?
  • How can Augmented Reality enrich the user interface; How will we discover and navigate content within Virtual Reality television?
  • Can the platform operator UI/UX become our interface with Smart Home services, and what ‘applications’ should you prioritise?


Christophe Rufin

Christophe Rufin

Digital Media Innovation Director


Michael Roedel

Michael Roedel

Group Lead TV Design & UEX


Roland Sars

Roland Sars


Media Distillery

Mark Friend

Mark Friend

Vice President, Client Partner - Media