William Cooper

Founder and Chief Executive, informitv


The UEX imperative: making yourself the 'go-to' service

The premium video entertainment universe is growing, and platform and channel owners must be at the centre of it. We investigate the UEX-based opportunities to become the ‘go-to guy’: the super-aggregator in a world of multiple apps, and the discovery agent of choice when people are using AI-based voice assistants. You will hear how dramatically enriched metadata could revolutionise content discovery.

21 March 2018
11:30 – 13:00



How to increase viewer engagement, harnessing the AI-inspired metadata revolution

  • The use of face, speech and object recognition to generate new and rich metadata cost-effectively
  • Searching for favourite stars and topics, and the automatic and real-time creation of snackable video clips based on viewer interest
  • Using ‘Deep Content Understanding’ to connect different content within programme
  • The auto-creation of Episodic Images that best reflect a VOD asset or TV programme

Roland Sars, CEO, Media Distillery


Roland Sars

CEO, Media Distillery


Experiences with Amazon Alexa and the launch of a new ‘Flash Briefing’ skill for Echo Show

  • Why VIMN decided to partner with Amazon Alexa and launch our content on the voice-controlled platform
  • Offering access to the audio MTV News UK Flash Briefing, taking the day’s biggest pop culture stories to MTV fans with Alexa-enabled devices
  • Introducing a video version of the news bulletin for Echo Show: Is this a unique engagement opportunity, and has it attracted more users?
  • Our ongoing strategy to drive digital engagement via new platforms, and how Alexa-enabled devices are broadening our audience

Joanna Wells, Vice President Comedy Central and MTV International, Viacom


Joanna Wells

Vice President Comedy Central and MTV International, Viacom


Delivering the best all-round customer experience across the broadest video offering

  • The increasing reliance on broadband, Wi-Fi, apps integrations, BYOD devices and mobile networks to deliver great TV experiences
  • Using a Customer Experience (CX) engine to improve our standing with customers across multiple service and technical touchpoints
  • How a focus on CX helps to improve the video UX (User Experience) across every screen and network
  • Our work to become the go-to location for viewers seeking time-shifted and binge-worthy content on TV sets, including via third-party apps
  • The market opportunity for service providers who guarantee the best all-around experience across the broadest video offer found in one place.


Thomas Helbo, CTO, Com Hem


Thomas Helbo

CTO, Com Hem


Ensuring YouView is the entertainment ‘discovery platform’ of choice

  • The opportunity to aggregate an expanding content universe in one place, from linear to on-demand Players and subscription Apps
  • Voice commands and conversational discovery as the new UEX frontier: What happens when you offer ‘Hands-free TV’
  • Experiences working with the Alexa Video Skill API, including the use of broadcaster metadata to power contextual voice search
  • How our cloud platform enables the fast, ongoing backoffice and client-side innovations needed to maintain UEX leadership
  • In homes shared with Amazon, Google and Apple, can TV operators remain the entertainment ‘discovery platform’ of choice?


Panel: Making sure you are the ‘go-to’ service in a growing entertainment universe

  • Is there a race to become the ‘super-aggregator’ of video apps, online or on the STB, and what will decide the winners?
  • Machine learning can automatically generate rich new metadata: how will it improve content discovery in ways consumers notice?
  • How will ‘Hands-free TV’ change user behaviour, and where can you differentiate a voice control and conversational search experience?
  • In a world of voice-assisted AI ecosystems, each filled with video service ‘skills’, how do you become the go-to TV discovery agent?
  • How can Augmented Reality enrich the user interface; How will we discover and navigate content within Virtual Reality television?
  • Can the platform operator UI/UX become our interface with Smart Home services, and what ‘applications’ should you prioritise?


Christophe Rufin

Christophe Rufin

Digital Media Innovation Director


Michael Roedel

Michael Roedel

Group Lead TV Design & UEX


Roland Sars

Roland Sars


Media Distillery