Justin Lebbon

Director, Mediatel Events

The OTT Summit

Wolfson Theatre
Wednesday 18 March 2020
11:30 – 13:00

Streaming and multiscreen began as a distribution revolution, morphed into a business transformation, and is now changing the entire content business. We consider what Disney+, HBO Max and their kind mean for the incumbent Pay TV industry and established SVOD services. This session explores direct-to-consumer strategies, the fight for the best content and how that content will be funded. Expect market forecasts and the latest thinking on consumer behaviour.


Launching Local Content in Global Markets

  • Business models and customer outreach strategy in different countries
  • The importance of flexible packages and bundles
  • The importance of good localisation of content
  • The successful vast reach of Indian content globally

Archana Anand, Chief Business Officer, ZEE5 Global


Archana Anand

Chief Business Officer, ZEE5 Global


Delivering Integrated Viewing Experiences in an OTT World

In today’s OTT world, with abounding content choices and apps, consumers deserve integrated experiences that make it easy to find what they want at any given time. This session will explore how operators are in a unique position to deliver aggregated video experiences that provide reach and engagement. It will discuss how operators’ TV App Stores and UIs can act as the “super aggregator”— and reduce barriers to entry for new viewers; seamlessly surface content and apps with integrated search and discovery; provide enhanced monetization opportunities; and more.

Moderated by Colin Dixon, Founder and Chief Analyst, nScreenMedia 

Colin Dixon

Colin Dixon

Founder and Chief Analyst
nScreen Media


VIRTUAL SESSION: How to Use AVOD to Monetise Catalogue Content on a Global Scale

  • How Tubi has achieved monetization of catalogue content on a massive scale
  • Why AVOD Is going to rise rapidly this year
  • Insights into Tubi’s efforts coming in the UK and what makes our service different from other offerings on the market

Andrea Clarke-Hall, Vice President, Business Development, Tubi



Andrea Clarke-Hall

Vice President, Business Development, Tubi


ELEVEN SPORTS Presents Watch Together

Global sports platform ELEVEN SPORTS have created ‘Watch Together’, an innovative tool for its OTT player that allows fans to watch their favourite live sporting events together  in a virtual room alongside friends, fellow fans and ELEVEN VIPs. ELEVEN’s Global Head of Digital Tom Middleditch joins us to explain what Watch Together is all about and how fans are reacting to it.

Tom Middleditch, Global Head of Digital, Eleven Sports


Tom Middleditch

Global Head of Digital, Eleven Sports


Panel: Streaming and Content Distribution – the Forces of Inertia and Change

  • Can the industry afford current content investments and production levels, and when will we hit ‘peak content’; How much longer will investors sustain loss-making streaming services?
  • Is content now the No.1 differentiator for streaming services, can global SVODs carve out unique studio identities, and can they create their own version of Friends?
  • What technologies will have the biggest impact on streaming in the next two years: next-generation CDN, multicast-ABR, low latency streaming, 5G….?
  • Is it a given that broadcasters will continue to dominate the provision of local content for local/national audiences – what could materially alter the current balance of power?
  • What are the opportunities for continued cooperation between global studio/channel groups and their current SVOD and Pay TV distribution partners, while they explore their D2C options?
  • Where is the low-hanging fruit when applying data analytics, AI and ML to a streaming service: content portfolio decisions, viewer engagement, subs value, etc…?
  • If broadcasters secure longer exclusive windows for content in their streaming services, and offer more box-sets, will it help them keep younger viewers out of global SVODs?

Moderated by Toby Russell, CEO, 3Vision

Nina Laricheva

Nina Laricheva


Kasia Jablonska

Kasia Jablonska

Head of Digital Distribution & Monetisation
Endemol Shine Group