Andrew Rosenman

Founder, Arise Communications

The data-driven marketing department

Wolfson Theatre
Thursday 28 March 2019
11:15 – 12:00

The explosion in entertainment and service related data, combined with affordable and scalable data analytics, will enable an unprecedented level of knowledge about what we like, what we do, and what we might do next. Connected TV World Summit explores how the marketing department can exploit this technology revolution to improve customer acquisition, retention and lifetime monetisation, and improve content marketing. We take a look at emerging marketing challenges – like retention and customer win-back on zero-contract OTT services – and ask if the day-pass and big-match pass is the final word on micro-payments.



How analysing churn drives loyalty

In this presentation, Patrick will dive into TiVo’s recent whitepaper on Churn Analysis, a report that was released after TiVo investigated churn activity across three global pay-TV service provider subscriber bases. The key aims of the analysis were to identify behaviours which lead to churn and predict successfully those at risk, while also providing intervention analytics to allow service providers optimise their audience loyalty workflows, and target customers that have a high propensity to leave. TiVo will describe best practices for using outreach and personalised content discovery tools which help providers retain their valuable subscribers, and make the most of their user experiences.

Patrick Byrden, Senior Director Customer Solutions, TiVo




Patrick Byrden

Senior Director Customer Solutions - TiVo


Fundamentals of BBC’s data strategy

  • What our goals are and how we make data work for us
  • Developing the idea that data is helping the user and making their lives easier
  • Educating the user about the benefits of sharing data about personal media consumption, or even about their cultural life
  • Define and reset the way people think about their own data
  • Data partnerships and business impact from those

Nick North, Director of Audiences, BBC


Nick North

Director of Audiences, BBC


Understanding the impact of OTT partnerships on our business through customer data analytics

  • Virgin Media UK was the first mover to adopt Netflix onto the STB back in 2013, what impact has that had on customer behaviours and perceptions?
  • How can customer data be used to identify what impact the partnership is having commercially?
  • Is Netflix a threat?
  • Is everyone really bingeing?

Sara Sheridan, Director Consumer Insights, Liberty Global


Sara Sheridan

Director Consumer Insights, Liberty Global