Seligman Theatre
28 March 2019
11:30 – 13:00

  • Improving your ability to acquire, monetize, retain and win back customers, using data analytics
  • Using data analytics to predict consumer behaviour and act upon it– starting with churn prevention
  • Establishing deep insights into viewing behaviours, including on third-party services, as the basis for better content scheduling and marketing
  • Using in-service and in-app viewing behaviour to guide UX updates and dynamic content changes
  • The art of targeted content promotion: knowing what to show viewers and whether they later tuned in to your programme
  • The unique marketing challenges for zero-contract services – getting people quickly immersed in content they like, and helping them leave with a smile
  • The search for new transactional opportunities, including the potential for micro-content, micro-payments (like the last three minutes of a sports game?).
  • Drive to web analysis of linear TV advertising
  • Analysis of real advertising campaigns about their impact on a product’s web traffic
  • Will an expensive live TV campaign drive website visitor numbers for brands?
  • Overview of a variety of major campaigns including products and services in transport, assurance and power industries
  • Results from a real-life research study from campaigns at Orange