David Price

VP Strategic Business Development - TV and Media, Ericsson


Using CPE to increase service provider value-add

Television is no longer a customer premise equipment (CPE) island. It is increasingly dependent on BYOD devices and home Wi-Fi and will become the primary entertainment sub-system within the wider connected home, plugged into voice-enabled digital assistant ecosystems and interfacing with smart home services. We consider the implications and opportunities for service providers, but first look at how operator-controlled devices underpin better video experiences.

Tuesday 20 March 2018
13:45 – 15:40

RDK in action: Making service providers cool


Annual RDK deployment and partner update: figures revealed

  • Latest RDK news covering video and broadband
  • Growth in device footprint and the RDK partner community

Steve Heeb, President & General Manager, RDK Management


Enabling innovation at the UX and device level at NOS

  • How NOS raised the bar for the TV user experience
  • Using RDK to facilitate innovation at the UX and device level

Pedro Bandeira, Director Product Development, NOS Portugal


Making cable cool with perpetual video and broadband innovation

  • How Comcast customers are getting used to cool new services on the RDK-based video & broadband platforms
  • The importance of RDK-B in broadband services such as Wi-Fi management and smart home control
  • Community strength & innovation using the RDK open source platform


Q&A with NOS, Comcast and RDK


  • The benefits of RDK-V and RDK-B when developing new devices, platforms and features
  • Reducing lead-times and creating an agile organisation that keeps delivering great new services



Steve Heeb

President & GM RDK Management


Pedro Bandeira

Director of Product , NOS


Fraser Stirling

SVP of Devices and AI Systems, Comcast


The standards-based virtual STB and what it means for television service providers

  • Why we need a standardised STB-less solution for multiple operators and set makers – and why HbbTV has the answer
  • How the HbbTV OpApp works: branded operator UI and remote control takeover, using any broadcast or IP video source
  • Opportunities including 4K/HDR without new STBs, reduced operator CPE costs, and less consumer clutter
  • Challenges including operator/manufacturer agreements, and building the HbbTV footprint and OpApp ecosystem
  • What HbbTV Operator Application could mean for KPN, and our work with the new specification

Alejandro Casal Gómez, Product Owner (CSPO) Technology Labs TV, KPN


Alejandro Casal Gómez

Product Owner (CSPO) Technology Labs TV, KPN


The new Pay TV opportunities when Google Assistant arrives on Android TV set-top boxes

  • The Android TV Operator Tier story so far: the perfect blend of operator independence, a next-generation UEX and increasing OEM scale
  • How we are lowering BOM cost and minimum hardware requirements for Android TV on STBs and what it means for the television market
  • How voice search evolves to conversational discovery and navigation, using Google Assistant on Android TV devices this year
  • How operators can embrace the Assistant opportunity through Android TV: smart home, IOT, customer service bots and more


Edward Corn, Head of Android TV Partnerships EMEA, Google


Edward Corn

Head of Android TV Partnerships EMEA, Google


How service providers maximise their value in the multi-gigabit, super-connected home

  • Transforming gigabit access speeds into faultless, super-fast Wi-Fi to power services in every room and garden
  • Using Wi-Fi extenders to increase brand presence in the kitchen: the potential for operator digital assistants with speakers, and a voice UI
  • How to protect increasingly connected homes, and a growing array of IoT devices, from cyber-intrusion and data leaks
  • Future-proofing the gateway to become an IoT hub: what you must think about, from radio protocols to software functions
  • Service providers at the centre of our lives, guaranteeing security, personal privacy and entertainment QoE – will consumers see the value?

Anthony Zuyderhoff, SVP & GM International CPE, ARRIS



Anthony Zuyderhoff

SVP & GM International CPE, ARRIS


Panel: Avoiding, justifying and differentiating new customer premise equipment

  • To what extent can we upgrade the UEX on older STBs so they compare to new devices, avoiding hardware costs?
  • Can audio differentiate a service at the ‘luxury’ end of Pay TV: Dolby Atmos, operator supplied sound-bars, whole-home music streaming…
  • Does TV need casting and voice response ecosystems that are independent of Google and Amazon – or should we partner quickly?
  • What is the market opportunity for ‘premium Wi-Fi’ as a managed service, using smarter wireless CPE to gain loyalty or new revenues?
  • The virtual STB, ‘operator-as-an-app’ model fell off the radar but is back, helped by HbbTV’s OpApp: how seriously should we take it?
  • So, your customer has UHD, HDR, Whole Home and Dolby Atmos – what will justify their next box upgrade and when is it coming?
Colin Phillips

Colin Phillips

IPTV & CPE Solutions Architect


Pedro Bandeira

Pedro Bandeira

Director Product Development

NOS Portugal

Alejandro	Casal Gómez

Alejandro Casal Gómez

Product Owner (CSPO) Technology Labs TV


Anthony Zuyderhoff

Anthony Zuyderhoff

SVP & GM International CPE


Jon Williams

Jon Williams

Managing Director

Zodiac Interactive Europe Ltd