Nick Thomas

Associate Director, MTM


Managing Sports Content and Live Events

This session examines the opportunities to engage with sports fans more deeply and monetize sports rights more successfully. It considers the evolution of sports packaging and distribution, including the role of direct-to-consumer services and how these are evolving. You will hear from media companies who are super-serving fans and creating new audiences around live and behind-the-scenes content.

Wednesday 21 March 2018
14:00 – 15:40


The role of sports in the rise of OTT, SVOD and SLIN services

  • The radical transformation of sports broadcasting which is happening at all levels of sports (not only premium)
  • Revolutionising the way sports is consumed
  • Looking at the implications on the value chain

Tony Gunarsson, Principal Analyst – TV & OTT Video, Ovum


Tony Gunarsson

Principal Analyst - TV & OTT Video, Ovum


Super-serving fans and communities around live events with complimentary content

  • What Object Based Broadcasting offers to content providers, broadcasters and audiences
  • How the presentation of synchronised content (video, audio and data) across multiple screens enhances storytelling
  • Exploiting the value of tracking, timing and telemetry data
  • Challenges and opportunities for 360 degree video, VR and AR in live sports broadcasting

Andy Gower, Head of Interactive TV Research, BT


Andy Gower

Head of Interactive TV Research, BT


Using online distribution to deepen our fan relationships

  • Why WWE launched exclusive content on Facebook Watch; The initial uptake and viewing response
  • With its focus on community, does Facebook Watch offer a unique engagement opportunity?
  • How we became the No.1 sports channel on YouTube, and what the service adds to our distribution strategy
  • Super-serving fans and maximising our talent: How ‘The Bella Twins’ on YouTube lets viewers into the lives of two of WWE’s biggest stars
  • Using direct-to-consumer to build deeper fan relationships – and the impact on broadcast audiences and Pay TV monetisation.

Tracey Keenan, Vice President and General Manager, WWE UK


Tracey Keenan

Vice President and General Manager, WWE UK


How our sports and lifestyle network achieved Pay TV and OTT convergence

  • Moving from traditional broadcast Pay TV to OTT by reinventing the workflow
  • How the TV audience is fragmenting and coalescing around niche offerings
  • What specialist channels can do to fill the audience funnel
  • Getting discovered and promoting content in the direct-to-consumer world

Heather Killen, CEO, Horse & Country TV


Heather Killen

CEO, Horse & Country TV


How eSports is conquering the mass media market

  • eSports as a sports right – how eSports works on digital, linear TV and 24/7 platforms
  • Evolution of eSports content – from live to magazine to original programming
  • Desired target audiences – why eSports can help gain millennial audiences for broadcasters

Torsten Haux, VP Global Media Rights + ESportsTV, ESL


Torsten Haux

VP Global Media Rights + ESportsTV at ESL


Panel discussion: The new opportunities for storytelling and monetisation in sports

  • How will new online distribution opportunities help maximise sports rights revenues?
  • What innovations could transform the way we watch sport, and will it be smaller sports, and online services, that drive them?
  • What is the correct balance between free and pay, direct-to-consumer and aggregated platforms to guarantee brand reach and new fans, as well as revenues?
  • The correct balance between free and pay, direct-to-consumer and aggregated platforms to guarantee brand reach and new fans
  • How will production innovations  make sports coverage easier and help producers to ‘tell a better story’?
Sharon Fuller

Sharon Fuller

Editor-Live Events Platform at BBC Sport


David Mahoney

David Mahoney

Chief Strategy Officer

England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB)

Robert Hodges

Robert Hodges

Head of Audience Development and Commercial