David Price

Principal, Scala Advisors

Removing the barriers to innovation and growth

 Seligman Theatre
Wednesday 27 March 2019
14:00 – 15:30

After 10 years of unprecedented disruption to distribution models, business models and operations, the TV industry is still catching up with itself. We explore the operations priorities if we want to remove legacy barriers to innovation and growth, and rationalise costs so everyone can sustain the new normal. We are also taking a look at what AI and machine learning can do across the TV enterprise to make television better. How do we make it easier to process and distribute content for a myriad digital end-points? How do you make apps lifecycle management more manageable? How do we reduce the lifetime cost of digital services? How does this industry finally stop piracy? Many of these questions will be on the agenda.



The convergence between IPTV and OTT technologies

  • Are IPTV and OTT moving towards convergence?
  • The benefits of IPTV/OTT convergence for a telco
  • The impact on the network (latency, scalability)
  • The technical impact (CAS vs DRM, access to adult content)
  • Exploring the workarounds for each impact (multicast ABR, CMAF)
  • Forecasting when the convergence will occur, and how to prepare for it

Erwan Nedellec, Orange Referent Expert and Senior Expert on TV Technical Solutions, Orange


Erwan Nedellec

Orange Referent Expert and Senior Expert on TV Technical Solutions, Orange


Panel discussion: Removing complexity and driving innovation in multiplatform distribution

  • How far can CMAF reduce latency for live streaming, what technologies can break the sub-second barrier, and what impact will broadcast-like latency have for sports?
  • Media companies are breaking their backs preparing content for dozens of digital distribution end-points – what workflow innovations will make this easier and faster?
  • What are the most promising applications for AI/ML within the content workflow: transcription, translation, automatic highlight clips creation, face recognition…?
  • To what extent can modern data analytics, and our ability to identify patterns from massive datasets more quickly, improve anti-piracy or discourage password sharing?
  • What can we do to make the apps creation, maintenance and update lifecycle more manageable; How do we make it easier to change the UX and content inside apps?
  • What is the potential for object-based media to tailor programming to our specific personal interests and needs – how scalable is it, and what are the technology challenges?
  • What network, operations and workflow innovations should we prioritise next in the quest to minimise complexity, reduce cost and improve agility for TV delivery?

Moderated by: David Price, Principal, Scala Advisors


Case study: Why AI is crucial for our streaming business

  • Learnings from 10 years of OTT delivery

Kaj Af Kleen, Group CTO and CPO, Nordic Entertainment Group


Kaj Af Kleen

Group CTO and CPO, Nordic Entertainment Group


Panel discussion: Exploring the potential for AI across the television enterprise

  • AI for network functions
  • Extracting rich metadata from content
  • Recognising sports action that should be ‘highlighted’

Moderated by: David Price, Principal, Scala Advisors

Colin Dixon

Colin Dixon

Founder and Chief Analyst
nScreen Media