Seligman Theatre 18 March 2020

Protecting Content and its Value

Seligman Theatre
Wednesday 18 March 2020
14:00 – 15:30

Few pirate services are as powerful as BeoutQ and few media companies are subjected to the kind of content theft that BeIN Media has witnessed. Nonetheless, the last 18 months have demonstrated how piracy can destroy value for distributors and rights owners, and how easily the concept of exclusivity could be undermined. Nothing is exclusive if piracy thrives. We address the piracy threat and investigate the next-generation technologies and services that can combat value theft in all its forms. This session will consider how industry collaboration could help degrade the piracy threat.


Scene setter: The threat landscape of video piracy, its risks and opportunities

The theft of services and content has occupied a place in our industry’s peripheral vision for some years. The threats range from service access infringement on an individual scale, all the way to Industrial-scale theft and redistribution using multiple distribution channels and business models. This presentation looks at the size and scope of the overall piracy situation, use-cases, business models, case-study examples and trends.  It’s a situation that can no longer be ignored, and can even be turned into a revenue opportunity

Steve Hawley, Founder and Principal Analyst, tvstrategies


Steve Hawley

Founder & Principal Analyst, tvstrategies


Raising the bar – beyond content protection to full service protection

As the entire end-to-end technology chain for M&E rapidly transforms to revolve around OTT as the new mainstream paradigm, it’s also time to look at content protection through a different lens. Ubiquitous availability of content has greatly improved the user experience but unfortunately it has also facilitated both the incidence of leaks along with their high quality illicit distribution. A linear approach to content protection no longer suffices and we need to apply a closed loop approach. But it does not even end there. As the whole service creation, delivery and consumption chain increasingly virtualizes, the attack surface massively increases with it. This calls for a much more comprehensive service protection extending way beyond the content itself and touching on the very foundation of the entire service bundle.

Ivan Verbesselt, SVP Marketing, NAGRA Kudelski


Ivan Verbesselt

SVP Marketing, NAGRA Kudelski


Latest trends in video piracy and reasons for its changing patterns

As broadband infrastructure and availability continues to expand around the world, online video is increasingly becoming a mainstream medium for everyone, not just the digitally adept. Online video services are expanding into more and more markets around the globe and a growing number of consumers are subscribing to SVoD services to access their favourite TV shows and movies. However, the global availability of online video services has led to new challenges for the monetisation of content. In this presentation Tony will talk about the latest trends in video piracy and how this has evolved over the past few years.

Tony Maroulis, Principal Analyst, Ampere Analysis


Tony Maroulis

Principal Analyst, Ampere Analysis


Panel discussion: How to protect content and secure video services effectively

  • What can we learn from the collaborative efforts of BeIN Media and sports rights holders in their battle to close down BeoutQ – what strengths can we build upon, and what weaknesses were exposed?
  • What are the key tech innovations that can immediately reduce content value theft, including in live sports?
  • Is it a given that anti-piracy requires a holistic service approach that encompasses intelligence, technology and legal strategies – and how can every media company afford that?
  • How can streaming service providers counter casual credentials sharing or the use of purchased stolen credentials, and do so without being ‘heavy-handed’?
  • The smart home is coming and its connections, devices, apps, data and privacy need protecting – are service providers well placed, with their content protection partners, to take responsibility?
  • How can better data analytics – including AI and machine learning – improve content value protection; What nascent technologies should we track as a long-term answer to content security challenges?

Moderated by Steve Hawley, Founder & Principal Analyst, tvstrategies