Panel: Preparing for more on-demand viewing

Thursday 22 October 2020
11:30 – 12:10

  • Will the post-lockdown world be characterized by higher levels of on-demand viewing, especially among older demographics?
  • Leading platform operators have increasingly VOD-focused user interfaces: what does that mean for linear channel groups in terms of prominence and channel monetisation?
  • What does a great VOD-centric UX look like today, and how do we make it even better?
  • How do content owners make it easier for consumers to find their content on-demand, and how can platform operators help them?
  • Is there a danger that ‘mid-tail’ channels that neither have mass appeal nor a special interest audience will get lost in a more VOD-centric world?
  • How does a channel ‘curator’ maintain its relevance for content producers in a world with more VOD, when producers can stream their own VOD (and linear) direct to consumer?