Wolfson Theatre 19 March 2020

Reimagining TV for the Next Decade

Wolfson Theatre
Thursday 19 March 2020
09:10 – 11:15

This session focuses on how Pay TV operators and content providers achieve content leadership, subscriber growth and profits and will review how they compete and collaborate in order to strengthen their brands.  We will look at some of the recent mergers and acquisitions which further blur the borders between different players in the value chain. We’ll discuss innovative ways to negotiate content rights and partnerships, and ground-breaking ideas about how to grow ARPU, given that lower-value subscribers are here to stay. This session considers how UX innovations can improve satisfaction and help reduce churn, and how we deliver a next-gen experience to every box. Ultimately, what are the value-adds a TV service provider must offer if they want to be here in ten years’ time?


Creating a premium content powerhouse with global scale and local impact

  • How ViacomCBS’s global, multi-platform, premium content service portfolio opens up a range of different complementary platform & partnership offerings and models
  • Utilising the strengths of its brands and reach in all categories including general entertainment, pop culture, comedy, music and kids
  • Strategies and relationships with distributors in the UK

Dan Fahy, VP Commercial and Content Distribution, ViacomCBS


Dan Fahy

VP Commercial and Content Distribution, ViacomCBS


Fireside chat: How to remain first choice for the viewer and win the streaming content wars? – VIRTUAL SESSION

In this interview, Chem Assayag, Senior VP – TV Video Entertainment portfolio at Orange will be discussing what matters for TV service providers when offering a mix of original content and some form of aggregation. He explains how a TV service provider stays ahead of the curve and is the service that gets stacked or the aggregator that keeps the direct relationship with viewers. Chem will consider whether good content and bundles are key or if ease of managing bills influences customers’ choice of aggregator. We will also discuss the technologies needed to succeed today (HD; speed of delivery; no buffering).

Interviewed by Andreas Waltenspiel, Managing Director, Waltenspiel Management Consulting

Andreas Waltenspiel

Andreas Waltenspiel

Managing Director
Waltenspiel Management Consulting

Chem Assayag

Chem Assayag

Senior VP - TV, Video and Entertainment portfolio


Session content soon to be finalised


Using a mix of subscription channels and online streaming services to win eyeballs and increase reach

  • Offering diverse, multi-genre content to reach a wide range of audiences and demographics
  • The benefits of pushing services on different platforms including traditional TV and SVOD services
  • Our strategies to promote content with ‘invasion’ campaigns and why we’re doing it
  • Anticipating the future and entering new markets

Sudhanshu Vats, Group CEO and MD, Viacom18 Media


Sudhanshu Vats

Group CEO & MD, Viacom18 Media


Panel discussion: What will TV look like by the end of the decade?

  • Considering the current evolving relationships between content providers, Pay TV operators and broadcasters, what will be the deciding factor to create the leading future TV service provider?
  • What are the possible responses to more ‘studio’ D2C services like HBO Max and NBCU’s Peacock: double-down on original content, create different content tiers for different types of viewers, arrange more content partnerships, vertically integrate, pivot to ‘broadband-first’…
  • How do you balance competition from other broadcasters, Pay TV providers and direct to consumer services – are there innovative solutions to thinning margins, lack of eyeballs and price wars instigated by Netflix-style services? What is the impact on your businesses? How is consolidation affecting the current ecosystem?
  • What pricing, bundling, UX (including HD content) or CPE innovations will help TV providers keep price-sensitive subscribers within full-flavour Pay TV: operator-as-an-app, a la carte viewing options…?
  • What innovations can broadcasters implement to capture eyeballs and compete successfully with a premium Pay TV service?
  • Will the newly launched streaming/DTC services and the increasing stacking of slimline services be the cause of returning to a more familiar pricing structure for Pay TV? Have the levels of investment in multiple packages from a single viewer increased and become comparable with a single premium Pay TV package? How are ad-funded and AVOD services positioned in this universe?
  • How will this affect the revenue split (share of the pie) between key players?

Moderated by Jon Watts, Director of Strategy and Editorial, Beet.TV & Co-founder and Senior Advisor, MTM

Susie Buckridge

Susie Buckridge


Jon Watts

Jon Watts

Director of Strategy and Editorial, Beet.TV and Co-founder and Senior Advisor


Jean-Marc Racine

Chief Product Officer, Synamedia


Delivering Next-Gen Video and Broadband Experiences to Spearhead Pay TV for the Next Decade

An Open Source Approach for the Connected Home: RDK Perspectives from Around the Globe

This session will feature annual update about the progress of the RDK, and its community of more than 400 technology companies around the globe.  It will explore how this open source platform enables innovation by standardizing core functions used in broadband, video, and IoT connected devices for service providers. Leaders from within the RDK community will share their real-world learnings about how RDK enables them to manage their devices; control their business models; and customize their apps, UIs and data analytics to improve the customer experience.  The session will include perspectives from Fraser Stirling, Group Chief Product Officer of SKY; Bill Warga, VP of Technology at Liberty Global; Rui Silva, CPE Software Product Manager at Altice and Steve Heeb, President and General Manager of RDK.

Moderated by John Moulding, Editor-in-Chief, Videonet

John Moulding

John Moulding