Panel: Super-aggregation – maximising the benefits for everyone

Wednesday 21 October 2020
11:25 – 12:05

  • For platform operators and content owners, is the onboarding and closer integration of streaming apps mission-critical, nice-to-have or unnecessary?
  • How does a platform owner become the best place to find streaming content alongside broadcast television: can you differentiate the ‘super-aggregated’ UX and how?
  • How deep can apps onboarding relationships become, and how deep do consumers want them to be: app store, closer UX integration, content promotion, joint content bundles…
  • What innovations in content discovery will ensure relevant content is always surfaced, and given the prominence it deserves (subject to commercial arrangements)?
  • What are the foundations for a successful and sustainable onboarding relationship between app provider and platform: what does each side expect from the other?
  • What is the evidence that close integration of apps on STB platforms drives more viewing, greater customer satisfaction or better monetisation?

Moderator: Jon Watts, Director of Strategy and Editorial, Beet.TV and Co-founder and Senior Advisor, MTM

Jon Watts

Jon Watts

Executive Director & Co-Founder
The Project X Institute