Dr Daniel Knapp

Executive Director TMT, IHS Markit


Maximising the Value of Data for TV Services

The availability of data and the way you analyse and protect it will determine winners and losers in the premium video marketplace. This session focuses on the opportunities to use data as a competitive differentiator, including how media firms can become consumer privacy champions and build deeper relationships with viewers. We look at the data collaboration that will protect and grow TV advertising, and how schedules can be improved.

Tuesday 20 March 2018
16:00 – 17:30


Customer analytics in the post-OTT age

This presentation will showcase new research into use of analytics solutions by a range of European pay TV operators, SVOD providers, broadcasters & channels groups, and stand-alone online video services.

  • How advanced are European service providers in deploying analytics to improve the customer experience?
  • What is the ‘customer journey’ analytics score-card and how do different types of service provider rank?
  • What is emerging ‘best practice’ in utilisation of analytics to attract, engage, retain and win back subscribers?


Ben Keen, Independent Analyst & Advisor, Technology, Media & Telecoms




Ben Keen

Independent Analyst & Advisor, Technology, Media & Telecoms


How better understanding consumer behaviour can boost TV advertising effectiveness

  • New data insights that improve media planning, from fine-grain audience segmentation to exposure/outcome attributions
  • The impact on advertising efficiency and effectiveness when we work with TV companies who have high-quality first-party data
  • What more do we want from television companies: data that is still ‘missing’, and data processing efficiencies we would welcome
  • Why understanding data analytics is critical to understanding audiences and user behaviour

Liz Duff, Head Of Media and Investment, Total Media


Liz Duff

Head Of Media and Investment, Total Media


GDPR and ePrivacy as an opportunity for deeper consumer engagement

  • Three places where new data privacy regulations present an opportunity to re-engage with consumers
  • Differentiating yourself as a privacy champion in a world of rich data: creating a consumer-first mindset
  • What the GDPR and ePrivacy regulations mean for data you already own – implications for profiling and targeting viewers
  • What the new rules mean for media companies, how you manage data and who can use it internally

Sacha Wilson, Senior Associate, Bristows


Sacha Wilson

Senior Associate, Bristows


Panel: Making data work harder and turning privacy into an opportunity

  • Will STB return path data and improved multiplatform audience measurement find TV audiences that were considered lost?
  • To what extent can data analytics help channels optimise their schedules, content promotion and commissioning?
  • How do you create more proactive data relationships with consumers, beyond opt-ins; Could someone manage privacy for all our video consumption points?
  • How do FTA broadcast platforms gather the first-party data and real-time viewing insights needed in the data-driven TV era?
  • What additional channel-platform data collaboration would help to keep viewers and revenues away from born-online media?
  • Harnessing their content security expertise, can Pay TV operators become the guardians of all personal data in the IoT home?
Sara Sheridan

Sara Sheridan

Director Consumer Insights

Liberty Global

Nick North

Nick North

Director of Audiences