Jack Davison

Executive Vice President, 3Vision

Maximising the value of content

Seligman Theatre
Wednesday 27 March 2019
16:00 – 17:20

As competition for the best content intensifies, we want to know how you maximise the value of rights you own. You can expect discussions around sports ‘extras’ beyond the game itself, and whether media companies can get smarter at predicting if content should be monetized via advertising or subscription – and whether they should then pivot between the two business models. What is the content mix that will attract ‘old’ money and ‘young’ reach? This conference takes a look at digital-first distribution strategies that help rights holders reach new and younger audiences, and explores innovations in windowing.



Analyst Insight: Illustrations of how things are changing in the world of content distribution

  • The Global TV market is reshaping at pace, with ongoing and rapid change in viewing habits and new players in the market
  • Demand for content is growing, productions are getting more expensive and the access to talent more competitive
  • Businesses are having to take a more holistic view about content, with mixed models in terms of obtaining (through acquisition and production) and using the content
  • Media consolidation, direct to consumer launches and original production have all been themes of 2018 and there are even more changes to how services offer and window content
  • Three of the pillars to monetising content are how it gets to market (who buys it or funds it), how it is made available (on demand/linear, Box-set/weekly) to consumers and how it is windowed in order to maximise ultimate revenues

Jack Davison, Executive Vice President, 3Vision


Case study: How to develop the TV content portfolio from a telco perspective

  • Overview of DT EU TV operations
  • TV Content strategy in a nutshell:
  1. Rationalize linear channels
  2. Re-assess value of sports rights
  3. Shift to digital
  • Supporting examples for each strategy from the markets we operate in

Peter Wassong, Head of TV Content Hub Europe, Deutsche Telekom


Peter Wassong

Head of TV Content Hub Europe Deutsche Telekom


How Generation Z will shape the media landscape

  • Using audience insights to learn how Generation Z want to consume media
  • Understanding the audiences of all ages central to media organisations survival
  • Sharing insights on Generation Z and ideas how to engage them
Carlotta Merzari

Carlotta Merzari

Creative Director