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Making yourself the heart of the home

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Seligman Theatre
Thursday 28 March 2019
11:20 – 13:20

The set-top box lives on, and we want to know what next-generation hardware must do, the services it can support, the new revenues it could create and the technology it should have onboard. There will be a close look at Android TV Operator Tier, including how you implement a next-generation STB deployment with this open source solution. We explore the relationship between service providers and smart assistants – like how they can create their own ‘assistant’ ecosystem or become part of somebody else’s. Experts will be asked to show how legacy STB populations can be upgraded to a next-generation UX without the need for new hardware – ensuring that ‘nobody gets left behind’.


The future of the set-top box – its role in the smart home


Darren Fawcett, VP Technology Solutions, ARRIS


Darren Fawcett

VP Technology Solutions, ARRIS


Imagining the future set-top box

  • What will be the new features and services of the future STB?
  • Assessing the potential for creating new revenues
  • Technology it should have onboard

Sascha Prüter, Chief Product Officer, Vewd


Sascha Prüter

Chief Product Officer, Vewd


Planning and implementing an Android TV Operator Tier next-generation STB deployment

  • How Android TV puts the operator STB at the centre of the home
  • Building the complete media and entertainment device with an Android TV operator tier STB
  • Partnering with the Google Assistant to deliver the best possible voice UX
  • Delivering on the smart home promise with Google, Android and the Assistant

Edward Corn, Android TV Partnerships, EMEA, Google 


Edward Corn

Android TV Partnerships, EMEA, Google


Hindsight 20/20 –  Solving UX challenges a year after Android TV launch

  • UX findings and experiences  – how to build on strengths and solve issues moving forward?
  • The high user and usage uptake after launch
  • The benefits of being flexible with UX

James Lowther, Director of TV and Broadband, Tele2



James Lowther

Director of TV and Broadband, Tele2


The well-known IPTV Platform of Swisscom was built with AOSP. Should we go for Android TV Operator Tier?

  • Pros and cons of Swisscom’s award-winning, custom-made IPTV platform which uses Android as the Operating System of their set top boxes
  • Considering the vast development advances available today with the new Android TV or Android TV Operator Tier while Swisscom still stays with AOSP
  • Elaborating why Swisscom still choose to remain on AOSP
  • Uncovering the decision-making process against Android TV Operator Tier at Swisscom

Ingmar Schmidt, Senior TV Portfolio Manager – Business Operations, Swisscom


Ingmar Schmidt

Senior TV Portfolio Manager - Business Operations, Swisscom


Panel discussion: Hardware in the home – the road ahead

  • Can Pay TV operators afford to become ‘just’ apps when Amazon and Apple have a growing connected TV device presence, and Apple could buy its way into content?
  • Do platform owners need their own digital voice assistant, and how much impact can they have on our lives with a voice remote control vs standalone Echo-style hardware?
  • Upgrading deep-legacy STBs to a next-generation UX via software – are there any performance limits, and what are the keys to successful deployment?
  • What technologies and/or open source initiatives or standards will help service providers improve Wi-Fi performance and lower the cost of total-home coverage?
  • The future set-top box: what technology must be onboard, what new services should it support, and are there new revenue streams to add to the ROI justification?
  • What recent innovations or roadmap features on RDK and Android TV will have a significant impact on the lives of platform operators and their subscribers?
  • Smartphone companion apps failed to kill the ‘traditional’ remote control – will conversational voice assistants?
Colin Phillips

Colin Phillips

IPTV and CPE Solutions Architect

Darren Fawcett

Darren Fawcett

VP Technology Solutions

Ismail Patel

Ismail Patel

Senior Analyst, TV and Consumer Technology

Sascha Prüter

Sascha Prüter

Chief Product Officer