Colin Dixon

Founder and Chief Analyst, nScreen Media

Improving the Television UX

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Wolfson Theatre
Wednesday 27 March 2019
16:00 – 17:45

We are focused on how media companies take the ‘in-programme’ and ‘in-home’ user experience to the next level. You will hear how operators can create the perfect set-top box UX for every kind of TV consumer, and how they deliver the best ‘super-aggregator’ apps viewing experience. We want to know if platform owners can keep super-fans onboard with a more tailored, thematic approach to life, and what happens to the UX when VR, AR , AI and data analytics mature and coalesce. How do we make live streaming events better than broadcast – and is companion screen synchronisation one of the answers?


Key insights on TV UX in Europe

In this exclusive session, Colin Dixon, Founder and Chief Analyst of nScreenMedia, will preview findings from a new independent research study on TV viewing in the UK, Germany and Sweden. He will focus on consumer attitudes toward TV UX and usage of features which connect viewers to content. Session attendees will also learn how to get a free copy of the new research report once published.

Colin Dixon, Founder and Chief Analyst, nScreen Media


Enabling smart in-video search with your voice assistant: “OK, Google, show me the latest about Brexit”

  • Understand what’s inside video to deliver outstanding user experiences
  • Make content easier to discover and watch across platforms
  • New user experiences and how they keep viewers engaged in your service
  • Unlock relevant content by using voice control, and other points of competitive differentiation
  • The ROI for Media companies, including increased viewing times and better content monetisation

Roland Sars, CEO, Media Distillery


Roland Sars

CEO, Media Distillery


Bringing user experience to the next level through simplicity and openness

  • Simplicity as end-to-end principle to achieve top notch UX
  • Open platform – dance with the OTTs to enhance user value and dominate HDMI1
  • Leveraging Android TV for a superior experience

Hermann Riedl, Chief Business and Digital Transformation Officer, WIND Hellas



Hermann Riedl

Chief Business and Digital Transformation Officer, WIND Hellas


Panel discussion: What the new, super-charged UX toolkit means for viewers and service providers

  • Where can you gain competitive advantage when offering a voice UI or making your service accessible via conversational digital assistants?
  • Machine learning gives us a deeper understanding of what is ‘inside’ content – how do we use the improved metadata to boost viewer satisfaction?
  • How can Pay TV operators better serve super-fan passions within the STB user interface: personalised content surfacing and alerts, richer ancillary data…?
  • Dynamic Content Substitution temporarily replaces a broadcast signal with an IP stream insertion: what potential for personalising TV?
  • What are the fundamental human needs that will drive, and limit, innovations in how we interact with video entertainment and the connected home?
  • List three UX priorities for helping platform operators and streaming services get people watching more content, for longer
  • Predicting the UX ‘big-bang’ when data analytics, AI, AR and VR mature and coalesce: when will it happen and what will spin out of it?
  • What are the key enablers of advanced search and discovery features and personalized recommendation offerings that connect viewers to the TV shows they will enjoy most?
Hermann Riedl

Hermann Riedl

Chief Business & Digital Transformation Officer
WIND Hellas