David Mercer

VP and Principal Analyst, Strategy Analytics

How aggregators become hero brands

Wolfson Theatre
Wednesday 27 March 2019
14:00 – 15:30

Everyone loves Netflix; they are talked-up in the press endlessly, and have become a ‘hero brand’. We want to know how Pay TV or free-to-air aggregators achieve the same standing. Can Pay TV become the super-aggregator in the OTT domain, using its expertise in discounting, billing and customer care? We want to know how smaller operators without exclusive content can become a brand hero in their local market, and how all aggregators can raise their net promoter scores. We are also seeking a progress check on the Pay Lite skinny bundle, and exploring the opportunities and challenges ahead in that marketplace.



When Content Meets Connectivity


Pat Kiely, Managing Director, Virgin Media Television


Pat Kiely

Managing Director, Virgin Media Television


Interview: Is there too much choice for the consumer?

  • How does the viewer navigate through the complex world of apps, live streaming, traditional live broadcast, box sets, smart TVs, dongles and pucks?
  • How YouView is approaching super-aggregation of free and paid services on their open platform including Netflix, Amazon, Now TV and BT Sports in UHD as well as free channels and VoD services from the BBC and the other free to air broadcasters
  • How can we help consumers navigate choice and discover content – how much is too much?
  • What can we learn from their behaviour patterns and personalise content?
  • How can we shape behaviours and develop new behaviour patterns?
  • What does the future look like for the consumer? What is the outlook for the new innovations and trends in the industry such as voice and AI? How will they impact aggregation and ultimately the customer?

 Sion Wynn Jones, Director of Product, YouView




Sion Wynn Jones

Director of Product, YouView


Magenta TV: How we create the leading German TV platform

  • Overview of our new TV and entertainment product range
  • Why we think that personalisation is key to push engagement of our customers with live TV and video on-demand content
  • How we approach partnering with a wide range of national and international content providers
  • Our content strategy and how we established our own content brands in fiction, sports and music

Joerg Richartz, Vice President Business Development & Strategy TV, Deutsche Telekom


Joerg Richartz

Vice President Business Development & Strategy TV, Deutsche Telekom


Panel discussion: How do content aggregators become hero brands?

  • Netflix is a hero brand, seemingly loved by everyone -what underpins their enduring honeymoon with consumers and the press, and what can Pay TV learn?
  • What are the priority consumer-facing innovations for content aggregators who want hero status: universal voice search, app stores, personalised UX, flexible pricing…?
  • Is Pay Lite helping cord-nevers fall in love with exclusive, original and first-window subscription content, and will it strengthen the concept of aggregation and bundling?
  • How do Pay TV operators make themselves indispensable to channel partners in the age of DTC: customer acquisition, content promotion, data insights, advanced advertising…?
  • What would make the operator STB the best place to watch streaming services, and how big a threat is Amazon Channels to platforms who want to be super-aggregators?
  • Where can Pay TV and FTA operators establish a technology lead in future; Will the HD/DVR upgrade be the last paradigm shift they instigate and dominate?
  • How do you differentiate a service that lacks exclusive movies, drama or sports rights, and how can you become a hero brand without them?