Andrew Rosenman

Founder, Arise Communications

Generating new advertising revenue

Wolfson Theatre
Thursday 28 March 2019
12:00 – 13:30

There is a myth that ad-supported TV is on death-row – it is not. Despite increased competition (from non-broadcaster digital), there are more new ways for TV to earn ad revenue than ever before and we are exploring them. You will hear how to make TV advertising more relevant and targeted, how established media owners can create a brand-safe digital advertising ecosystem that is a viable alternative to spending with Google and Facebook, and the opportunity to get small business, like bakeries and florists, into TV advertising. We want to know how small Pay TV operators and free-to-air broadcasters get into the addressable game.



The power, pitfalls and perils of Ad-supported TV

  • Leveraging the medium, context and audience of TV
  • Changing business models and accelerating rates of change
  • Complexity, churn, short-termism, scale & reach in a multi-channel world

Brian Golbere, General Manager, Emerging Technology, IPONWEB


Brian Golbere

General Manager, Emerging Technology, IPONWEB


Towards DAI and data-rich targeting within free-to-air broadcasts in Italy

  • Why free-to-air must be part of the addressable story, enabling whole-market reach
  • Targeted wrap-around ‘overlay’ creatives inserted into DTT Mediaset channels today; towards full ad-replacement in 2019
  • Tech-enablers: HbbTV IP-into-broadcast, MHP, and the population of compatible IP/DTT connected television sets
  • Our ability to segment by region and household type, and how advertisers have used targeting so far
  • Our data sources, including Mediaset Play registrations, multi devices sharing an IP address, and algorithmic viewing analysis
  • Targeted linear and VOD streaming, addressable broadcast linear, plus ad-interactivity with micro-site expansions – the full potential.

Paola Colombo, General Manager, Adtech and Business Development, Publitalia ‘80


Paola Colombo

General Manager, Adtech and Business Development, Publitalia ‘80


Unlocking value through innovation

  • The challenge with capturing audiences in growth markets such as India where digital video consumption is a narrow segment
  • How to maximize effectiveness and allow brands to deliver a better consumer experience when the single consumer is interacting with many screens; be it the personal screen, the household screen, or the public screen
  • The innovations in measurement technology in India with regards to Out-of-Home TV viewership
  • Why this has been a game changer in monetising and planning for live sports content

Romil Ramgarhia, COO, BARC India


Romil Ramgarhia



Panel: Generating new TV advertising revenues – where are the big opportunities?

  • More digital-first brands want TV to help them grow, but are accustomed to digital-style marketing – what data-driven capabilities must broadcasters offer to get their cash?
  • How do we maximise advertising yield from live streamed content like sports and ad-supported VOD; Will broadcaster digital exceed broadcast revenues thanks to targeting?
  • Media owners can use AI to judge sentiment and emotion in programme scenes, so the most relevant advertising can be placed near it – is this inventory worth more?
  • What are the ROI justifications for programmatic platforms – how do they make TV buying easier, more efficient and more effective, and does that equate to extra revenue?
  • As TV advertising becomes more data-driven, with better attribution, can media owners compete for performance marketing budget where they are paid on outcomes?
  • Any good arguments against non-interruptive ads in EPGs and recommendation carousels; Will viewers accept general brand advertising or only content promotions?
  • Addressable TV, including targeting in broadcaster digital, makes TV affordable to smaller brands – can and should TV compete with Facebook for bakeries and family restaurants?