David Mercer

VP and Principal Analyst, Strategy Analytics

The Evolved User Experience and CPE

Seligman Theatre
Wednesday 18 March 2020
11:30 – 13:00

Video service providers are competing for attention against other television providers and a long list of attractive digital non-TV activities. How can TV providers “lock” the customer in their service for longer? This session considers how next-gen UX designs influence customer engagement and stickiness, the role of voice control and voice content search, and the use of data analytics and AI to optimise content discovery. We also consider how new or upgraded devices can open the door to additional revenues as well as help service providers embed themselves more deeply into the lives of consumers. We take a look at the world of smart gateways, smart operator assistants and super-charged managed Wi-Fi, then look beyond to the operator Smart Home.


Introducing the New “Swisscom Box”

  • Evolution from IPTV set top box to multimedia box with far field voice assistant
  • New features & differentiation, enabler for platform strategy, smart home, etc.
  • Hardware and software Architecture and ecosystem
  • Hardware development and challenges/pitfalls
  • “Hey Swisscom” wake word, acoustics, how to measure quality


How HD+ has Stayed at the Helm of Innovation with Premium UX and HD

  • How working with broadcasters, TV manufacturers and retailers has made business sense
  • Offering a mix of original content, exclusive sports programmes and HD content to stay leaders in our space
  • Why launching an HbbTV operator app was the next step for us and helped modernise DTH
  • Are these hybrid approaches (DTH & IP) the future for TV services?

Georges Agnes, Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer, HD+


Georges Agnes

Managing Director & Chief Operating Officer, HD+


How Enhanced Customer and Product Experiences Helped us Boost Loyalty

  • How NENT uses data to build better in-product experiences and why that matters to our viewers
  • Drawing on some of our AI learnings to illustrate this
  • How to analyse user behaviour to push more relevant content
  • What else can be done with personalization? How to avoid over-personalisation and good content not being discovered?

Kaj af Kleen, EVP, CTO and CPO, Nordic Entertainment Group/NENT


Kaj af Kleen

EVP, CTO & CPO, Nordic Entertainment Group/NENT


Session content soon to be finalised


Panel: Delivering next-generation TV experiences in the home

  • What are the key revenue generating and churn-busting opportunities presented by next-gen operator CPE and the user experiences they support?
  • TV/broadband providers will need their own voice assistant, possibly hosted in their own smart speaker that also includes Alexa or Google Assistant, to maintain their prominence in homes – discuss.
  • How much more STB functionality will live in the cloud; How does more cloud help CPE innovation and costs; Is the cloud the means to introduce a modern UX on all legacy devices?
  • What is the future for the ‘operator-as-an-app’ – is this one option in a go-to-market strategy that also includes high and low-end clients, or can we really go completely STB-less?
  • Is HDR living up to its potential, and exciting consumers; When can we expect widespread broadcaster and STB support; What technical challenges remain for mass adoption?
  • With smart speakers, soundbars, Wi-Fi extenders and smart home devices, service providers could offer more CPE in future – what are the development and support challenges?

Moderated by David Mercer, VP and Principal Analyst, Strategy Analytics