Analyst Roundtables

Council Chamber
Wednesday 27 March 2019

08:00 – 08:50

Insights, Research and Briefings on tech trends and consumer journeys

New to the event this year, we will be offering our conference attendees additional learning opportunities by running roundtable briefings led by analysts and industry consultants who will share their very latest research for the TV, media, advertising and telecoms markets. Please register by filling in the form below to reserve your seat. Places will be awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis and numbers are limited, so please reserve yours only if you know you can make it.

Participating Companies

Monetising Piracy: How to turn punishment into an opportunity

Online, it’s more and more difficult to recognise when your favourite video content is coming from non-legitimate sources.  Pirate websites and boxes sold at retail often have high production values and consumers adopt them without question.  Piracy detection is also becoming increasingly sophisticated, a recent twist being the use of AI and analytics to recognize password sharing and out-of-profile “end user” activity.  But if the content you’re distributing happens to be detected outside its target market, should you be so quick to shut it down?  While piracy is a huge and increasing risk, the industry has been so focused on shutting down and penalizing the pirates that many have overlooked new opportunities that video piracy can create.  Perhaps the content owner – not to mention your advertisers – might welcome some monitored piracy, to see whether they have new marketing opportunities with consumers that they had not previously recognized.

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The Voice Revolution: How Smart Speakers Are Changing The Connected Home

Strategy Analytics has taken the lead in smart speaker and voice assistant research, with major studies of early adopters and granular tracking of smart speaker adoption by brand and model. At this roundtable, SA’s senior analysts will present highlights from the firm’s research and analysis, and address key questions for the future of voice interaction in relation to service providers, content players and technology vendors.

  • The in-home voice revolution – battle of the platforms
  •  Who is using voice and why?
  • Impact on connected home activities and content consumption
  • Beyond smart speakers – voice integration and device compatibility
  • What role should service providers and broadcasters play?
  • How can we use consumer insights to predict future behavioural trends?

Led by:

David Mercer

David Mercer

VP, Media and Intelligent Home
Strategy Analytics

Exploring transatlantic trends in content and production

Broadcast Intelligence’s lead analyst will take stock of the current state of the transatlantic market and explore trends in content and production, looking deeper into a number of groups, including Disney and Netflix.

  • The “content arms race”, where content spend has increased/decreased, and why?
  • Who’s spending most – deep dive into spending strategies of selection of groups including Disney, Netflix, Amazon.
  • Disruption, how has this affected the current landscape
  • What does this mean for production companies, dangerous disruption of established value chains, or new revenue streams?
  • Case-study of the UK, top line changes and deep dive into selection of groups including All3Media and ESG.
  • Changes in individual group production strategy -changes stemming from market upheaval.

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Defining what premium content is, understanding UHD, 4K, 8k, NGA, HFR and HDR

  • Where will more premium content come from?
  • Why it can look so very different on different devices?
  • Technical and market view of the state of UHD
  • Business case for UHD content (the delta price of HD)
  • Feedback on our 2018 operator survey: what operators need from UHD

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