(2019 event)

Wednesday 27 March 2019 - Wolfson Theatre

Insight: Who benefits from the dramatic rise in total TV revenues by 2023

Panel discussion: Exploring the dynamics that will shape the TV ecosystem for a generation

Fireside chat: RTL Group’s Total Video: Opportunity and challenges in OTT

When Content Meets Connectivity

Bringing user experience to the next level through simplicity and openness

Panel discussion: How do content aggregators become hero brands?

How established media owners will maintain audiences in the age of hyper-competition

Case study: Hopster’s partnership success

Panel discussion: What the new, super-charged UX toolkit means for viewers and service providers

Interview: Is there too much choice for the consumer?

Key insights on TV UX in Europe

Big broadcasting to small screens

Transformation by self-disruption at Canada’s Public Broadcaster – a CBC Gem Case Study

Panel: Understanding the direct-to-consumer opportunity and its disruptive implications

Enabling smart in-video search with your voice assistant: “OK, Google, show me the latest about Brexit”

Magenta TV: How we create the leading German TV platform

Wednesday 27 March 2019 - Seligman Theatre

How data is making TV even more effective

Sustaining the ad-supported TV model

Analyst Insight: Illustrations of how things are changing in the world of content distribution

Panel discussion: Removing complexity and driving innovation in multiplatform distribution

Case study: Drive to web analysis of linear TV advertising

Strategies to future proof TV for advertisers

Case study: How to develop the TV content portfolio from a telco perspective

Case study: Why AI is crucial for our streaming business

Panel: Exploring the innovations that can safeguard TV advertising budgets

The convergence between IPTV and OTT technologies

How Generation Z will shape the media landscape

Panel: Exploring the dynamics that will shape the TV ecosystem for a generation

Thursday 28 March 2019 - Wolfson Theatre

Insight: Content investment strategies – and the media companies who are moving the needle

Panel: Traditional media and FAANG – competition and collaboration

Unlocking value through innovation

How to shape the Future of TV with Operator Tier

Android TV Update

Understanding the impact of OTT partnerships on our business through customer data analytics

The power, pitfalls and perils of Ad-supported TV

Pros and Cons when working with FAANG for Public Service Broadcasters

How analysing churn drives loyalty

Panel: Generating new TV advertising revenues – where are the big opportunities?

The Vision for Google Assistant on TV

United Group – Innovating with Android TV

The Android TV Workshop – Q&A

Building global success on local content with OTT services

Fundamentals of BBC’s data strategy

Google’s Addressable Advertising Solutions for Android TV

Hyper-personalization and Content Recommendations with TiVo’s Android TV solutions

Google’s Addressable Advertising Solutions for Android TV

Towards DAI and data-rich targeting within free-to-air broadcasts in Italy

Thursday 28 March 2019 - Seligman Theatre

The future of the set-top box – its role in the smart home

Hindsight 20/20 – Solving UX challenges a year after Android TV launch

Imagining the future set-top box

The well-known IPTV Platform of Swisscom was built with AOSP. Should we go for Android TV Operator Tier?

Planning and implementing an Android TV Operator Tier next-generation STB deployment

Panel discussion: Hardware in the home – the road ahead